Annalie Howling


Rediscover Your Strength.
Reclaim Your Relationships.
Rewrite Your Story.

Breakups, heartbreaks & unexpected twists

can leave us feeling overwhelmed, lost, and shattered, like the world as you knew it has crumbled beneath your feet.

but here’s the thing...

You have more
power within you
than you realise.

I’m here to help you tap into that power, reclaim your strength, and design a future that lights you up from the inside out.



Join Annalie on the 45-min masterclass designed to guide you through the process Rediscovering Your Strength, Reclaiming Your Relationships, and Rewriting Your Story.

♡ 1X On-Demand High-Quality 45-Minute Video Masterclass with Annalie Howling.

♡ 1X Self Exploration Workbook to accompany Annalie’s teachings.

PRICE: $99.99 $49.99

If you’re wanting a rise-like-the-phoenix transformation

this is it.

Maybe you’re in the thick of heartbreak right now, feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of uncertainty and pain.

Maybe you’ve lost sight of who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re capable of.

Maybe you’re ready to claim the narrative you want for yourself, but you’re scared of the people you love rejecting you and misunderstanding you.

Maybe you’re tired of the role you play in a certain relationship and don’t quite know how to evolve out of it.

You are not alone.

I’ve been where you are, I understand the weight and burden of seeming like you have your shit together, but either not feeling like you have the time or the knowledge on how to change anything.


1X On-Demand High-Quality 45-Minute Video Masterclass with Annalie Howling.

(Instant & lifetime access to all video content)

1X Self Exploration Workbook to accompany Annalie’s teachings.

(instant pdf download)

CURRENT PRICE: $99.99 $49.99

1X Self Exploration Workbook to accompany Annalie’s teachings.

23 pages of exercises, quotes and advice for you to work through along side the masterclass video.

(instant pdf download)

“As a trauma specialist and elite performance coach with over two decades of experience, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

And I’m here to help you harness that resilience, tap into your inner strength, and rewrite your story in a way that sets you up with practical tools and techniques to propel you into the future you want for yourself.”

This masterclass is for you if...

✓ You’ve recently been through a breakup, and you’re thinking what the f*ck do I do now?

✓ You’ve been through a separation but you don’t know who you are anymore or what a healthy relationship looks like for you anymore.

✓ You feel lost, overwhelmed, and unsure of how to move forward with your life.

✓ You’re single and ready to welcome healthy relationships and healthy patterns into your life.

✓ You find yourself fighting the urge to get back with an ex, even though you know you shouldn’t, the pain of loneliness is too much.

✓ You’re seeking guidance, support & practical strategies to navigate the challenges of heartbreak and rediscover your sense of self.

✓ You’re committed to investing in your personal growth and willing to do the inner work necessary to create lasting transformation.

If any of the above resonate with you,

then UNBREAKABLE is exactly what you need to begin your journey towards healing, empowerment and personal transformation.

This isn’t just another self-help program.

It’s a proven roadmap to transformation.

Expert Guidance

With over two decades of experience as a trauma specialist and performance coach, I’ve helped countless individuals like you navigate the complexities of heartbreak and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side. My approach is grounded in evidence-based strategies and no bulsh*ttery.

Actionable Strategies

UNBREAKABLE isn’t about vague platitudes or empty promises—it’s about tangible, actionable strategies that you can implement right away to start seeing results. From reframing your mindset to reclaiming your power, each chapter is designed to empower you to take control of your life and create the future you desire.

Lifetime Access

Once you enroll in UNBREAKABLE, you’ll have lifetime access to all course materials and resources. This means you can revisit the content whenever you need a refresher or find yourself facing new challenges in the future.




UNBREAKABLE is a self-paced masterclass, where you’ll receive instant access to all outlined on this page, immediately after purchase confirmation. The 45-minute masterclass is split into chapters so that you can either work through the entire masterclass in one go, or at your own pace.

Absolutely! UNBREAKABLE is designed to empower individuals who are currently navigating through heartbreak or a breakup, it’s also incredibly beneficial for anyone who wants to cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and personal growth. Whether you’re currently single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, this masterclass will provide you with valuable tools and insights to reclaim your power, rediscover your sense of self, and design a life that brings you joy and fulfilment in all of your relationships.

While this masterclass isn’t specifically focused on finding a partner, it’s designed to help you cultivate the mindset, confidence, and self-awareness necessary to attract and nurture healthy, fulfilling relationships. By focusing on self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth, you’ll become more aligned with your authentic self and better equipped to attract partners who align with your values and desires. Ultimately, this masterclass is about empowering you to create the life and relationships you truly desire, whatever that may look like for you.

Anyone who is committed to their own growth and transformation is welcome. These resources were made for anyone in search of valuable resources to help navigate through life’s challenges and emerge stronger, wiser, more fearless and self-compassionate on the other side. 

No. At this moment in time, the one time payment is the only way to purchase this masterclass.

All sales are full and final and refunds will not be issued.